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Queen of The South & Beauty Night Routine

Queen of The South & Beauty Night Routine

Hola Fashionistas!

Today I want to share with you all my night beauty routine after a long day from work.

Many of you of course are already familiar with the night products I use, and now I want to share my night routine. The best part of my night routine is getting ready to unwind with my favorites shows.

I do the usual washer, toner and moisturizer but twice a week I like to apply my mask. Its like a little spa moment for my face and it helps me relax more and enjoy my night.

After I wash my face I do the mask then shower with a warm bath. When I am done I apply my toner and moisturizer put on comfortable pijamas and head on to watch my favorite shows with a glass of wine.

What a better way to enjoy your shows after a relaxing and pampering beauty routine?

Speaking of shows have you heard that 

Queen of the South

 is premiering on 

USA Network

 on June 23rd at 10/9c!

I was lucky to be chosen to watch the Pilot before it airs and I was ready for more! I can't wait until this show premiers and I can keep watching. I promise you is a must watch. After your favorite mask and routine sit and enjoy this show as it would be a summer favorite!

 Make sure to check out their site 

Queen of The South

 to learn more about the show, read cast bios and you can also watch the extended trailer below.

This isn't your everyday Narco story,

Teresa Mendoza

is a strong female lead that rises in power in a strongly male dominated industry. As a woman I love a good woman who rises where men dominate most. Whatever our interest we can make anything happen!

I invite you to

watch with me

and then share below your thoughts and opinions on the

first episode!

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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