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Las Posadas & HERDEZ

Las Posadas & HERDEZ

Hola mis Fashionistas,

Although i love style and fashion, I also love cooking. If you follow my social pages like




I always share my cooking adventures. 

I want to share about a Mexican tradition called 

Las Posadas

, Is a ritual that re-enacts when Mary and Joseph where searching for lodging in Bethlehem before Christmas. Las Posadas is a Nine day ritual from December 16 till December 24th. Some have a big party or just a get together with great food.

Being that its almost Christmas time I was inspired to make a Mexican appetizer with

HERDEZ Salsa Verde


My appetizer is

Loaded Nachos

 its quick an easy to make.



Set the oven to 375 F. Coat Baking dish with a non stick cooking oil spray. I used Coconut Oil Spray.  Place Tortilla Chips in the dish spread them out evenly. Then Add Corn, Beans, Tomato, Cheese and

HERDEZ Salsa Verde

. Place in the oven for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.


HERDEZ Salsa Verde

gives it a great taste and its not too spicy!

This dish was quick, easy and DELICIOUS. You can enjoy it with Family and friends and add as much topping as you will like.

As this holiday brings family and friends coming together enjoying food and celebrations,


brand is holding a photo contest on


The Share in the Magic of


contest lasts from December 7th – January 6th. 

Each week, a fill in the blank question relevant to the holiday will be posted for fan to answer with a photo. Three top winners will be selected as well as honorable mentions. Prizes are as follows: 

- Grand Prize: Dinner prepared by a personal chef for up to 4 people in your very own home!

- 2nd Place: $250 Gift Basket 

- 3rd Place: $200 Gift Basket 

- Honorable Mention: Custom T-shirts

To enter, you  will submit a photo on


with the hashtag


to answer the weekly fill in the blank question. 

Thank You


 for inspiring today's post and inspiring me to further celebrate

Las Posadas


I hope Everyone enjoyed my first recipe. 

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