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Booties & Denim Fun!

Booties & Denim Fun!

Hola mi Fashionistas! TGIF! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! In NY the weather has been crazy. If you live in the tri-state are you know what I am talking about. Its been cold two days and beautiful cool weather the rest of the week. We have had some rain but other than that it has been good weather. I am not complaining but by this time previous years its been super cold. I have been enjoying this weather because i don't have to wear big coats and i can pair up my favorite fall and winter accessories! 

First of all this long denim jacket has been my go to jacket. its comfortable, cute and at the same time it doesn't look too casual. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors this fall because its a color that tells you summer is over but the best is yet to come. Ok i just made that up but i stand behind that.

I love me a good pair of booties! I have been obsessing over them this Fall and have been searching different styles and colors because they are super chic! and comfortable! Im sorry but living in this hectic city and being a mom as much as I love heels i can't maneuver in them all day long. A cute comfortable heel well now we are talking my language. I can do a 4-5 inch heel when I'm going out to an event but daily I'm not that talented (kudos to the ladies that can). 

Also a good legging can make the daily adventures an easy task. There might be a few rules like, don't wear the see-thru ones without proper coverage i mean do we really wanna see your business? Anything in good taste is appropriate to me.

Wool hats have been very in style lately and personally when its windy or i want to cover my head these do the job with style so ladies don't be afraid to get you one or two they are a must! 

I hope you enjoyed my look, Its almost winter and many more looks await and I can't wait to show you! 

I hope you are rocking your best style today! 

Here are a few ideas and different styles of booties, denim jackets and messengers.

Booties & Denim

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