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Lady & the Fringe!

Lady & the Fringe!

With this post I want to share with you something that has become an insecurity for me after I became a mom.

 When I decided to start a blog I was on a fitness journey, I was working out the most I have ever worked out in my life, I was active, loosing weight and feeling comfortable. I loved how everything fit and my ideas just looked good on me. Like I have mentioned before I was always on the thicker side but I managed to loose a good amount of weight where looking and feeling good where an everyday feeling.

 A month after I started the blog, I got the greatest news in the world, I was going to become a mom. As Independent as I am this was just life and in time I will get back to my goals and blogging because I was managing a lot and being a mom needed all my focus. After becoming a mom loosing weight has been the hardest challenge for me because when its all done at the end of the day I am just tired! 

I took some great pictures of my outfits and I know I am not where I want to be physically but I am also not a model. I am me a real human being, Mother, wife, worker and NEVER a quitter. I am in no way superficial but I never had self esteem issues. I will continue to share my passion for styling and clothes until I reach my goals and just keep being the REAL me. I want to connect with my audience the most real and organic way possible! 

I am sure many of you can relate with me, & continuing to do what I love and working towards my goals in the end it will all work out.  As women we should never give up on ourselves, we have to love ourselves to love the world around us. 

Now onto the outfit details... 

 When i saw this fringe skirt I though, its going to be too short, I have the true Latina thighs so i have to be conscious on not wearing something too short that takes away from my look. Then I picture it with with a leather jacket or knee high boots and I had to have it.

I am glad i purchased it because i love this look! Cant forget to add that Fringe is very much in style and I don't see it going away.

I paired it with a leather jacket and leather black boots. I used this vintage clutch to add a pop of color since I have a lot of black. The scarf also had some color and my lips to give it a Fall/Rockstar look.

Fringe Skirt (similar)

Leather Jacket (similar)

Knee high boots (similar)

Burgundy Fringed Tassel Clutch

Some of my Favorite Fringed Items this Fall!

Fall Fringe Favs

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