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My Ombré- Take Care Tips

My Ombré- Take Care Tips

Last year I was round, expecting what now has showed me what love at first sight is and also a brunette.

Now I have gone a little bit to my pre-mommy roots... BLONDE...

Well only a little bit, a change from always having blonde highlights i decided to try an ombré.

I had a magnificent experience with my new colorist Margie in NJ. (will tag her in my Ig she's the best) If you are in her area you must try her!

This is my before & after pics of my hair transformation.


I don't know if anyone else is like me but when it comes to coloring my hair I am very picky because I had my fair moments of epic fails and orange looking highlights! Eek!!!

With much research and watching her work trough Instagram I knew she was the one to help me in this transformation & process.

After becoming a mommy and being so big it was only right that I started working on myself again to feel better about all the changes. Ofcourse having a wonderful and healthy baby is the best thing that can ever happen to me but I wasnt feeling my prettiest so a make over was in order!

I am sure many of you who are moms can relate to this.

Its been 6 months since my change and my biggest fear of it all was that my blonde ends turned yellow orange, I like my blondes in the ashy family.

Well so far it hasn't and I have tried taking good care of it, not only my hair but the color, because color or processed hair needs extra caring.

I want to share the products that I am using to maintain my gold locks and how I do it.

First I don't wash my hair everyday, I wash it weekly and I try to protect it from the heat as much as I can. 

I use sulfate free shampoos, my favorite so far is Loreal Ever Pure Blonde all 3 steps Shampoo, Conditioner & Shade Reviving Treatment. These are great because it doesn't damage my hair and helps me maintain my color.

After Shampooing, I then put on conditioner & untangle my hair after rinse I apply the Shade Reviving Treatment and leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse.

I also use a Deep Conditioner called Its A 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin, this product helps maintain my hair smooth and bouncy and doesn't make it feel like colored processed hair.

I leave this one on for 5-10 minutes, I don't use it every wash but at least once a month.

At last I use as a heat protectant and leave in Shea Moisture's Zanzibar Marine Complex Age-Defy & Color Protect Heat Shield Cream w/ Black Pearl Protein & sea Buckthorn Oil.

I apply it before drying my hair, blow dried or rollers under a dryer.

When I go to the hair salon I bring these products with me and have them use it, I like the way my hairs feels when I use them I have a lot of hair and its naturally curly and long, that means I have to take care of my hair in many aspects.

Here is how my hair looks six months later, Im due for a touch up but until I get it done my color still looks good and that makes me one happy girl!

These products are super easy to find at your local pharmacies or beauty supply store.

I hope you gals find this information useful and share with other color treated blondes my tips.

I will also like to hear any other tips, comments or ideas on how to maintain a beautiful hair.

Thanks for Reading!

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