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Independence Day & a come back.

Independence Day & a come back.

Hey Dolls,

Its been a long time, I am a new mommy now!!! I want to brag but Ive done that a lot in my social media pages...

Her name is Isabella Marie & she owns me completely!

I am now getting back into the hang of things, work, school and of course blogging.

Since my baby is now 9 months a lot has become easier and a very special learning experience.

I am happy to be back here sharing more with everyone.

This past weekend was 4th of July weekend & we had a family BBQ at my moms house.

I took my camera and I noticed that some of us had patterns and florals not only in the flag colors (red, white & blue) but other amazing summer colors. I took some pictures 

I personally had a pattern white n blue romper that was very comfortable & cute and I added the red to make it Patriotic!

Rompers have made a comeback and I am loving it because they can be worn up or down and they have it in many styles, long sleeves, short sleeve, long pant, short pants, skirts and the styles can keep going on.

These are some of the looks i found very comfortable and cute for the occasion.

Both Rompers & dress are from 


Made my husband pose for me because he was patriotic too =)

Florals look good in men too.

The kids where also celebrating America's Independence Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July and the fireworks!

Share some of your 4th of July faves I would love to see them!

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