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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Im sure everyone has heard about new year new me, to me its kind of a cliché. People who mostly say that stay the same, not only that but whats wrong with being your self and instead of a new you a improved you?

Not so long a go someone asked me why I don't pursue what i really like (fashion), honestly between work and finishing school i never really took time to do what I really like. I love dressing up, accessorizing and shopping! I tell people its like playing dress up everyday and I love it! 

This year I promised myself that I will do more of what I love aside from my priorities.

Starting this blog is like the beginning of it because I will share what I mostly like about fashion, makeup, products, music and start a whole new way of socializing with people of my same interest. 

With that said, I wish everyone who has dreams and want to get things done, just do it for yourself because its better to say "I tried it" rather than regret not doing it. Let 2014 be your year and the start of many more great years! 

Casual Night Out

Casual Night Out